North Carolina Employee’s Still Need Protection

Published Tuesday, August 16, 2016
by Melissa Morris, President

Governor McCrory’s executive order does little to protect employees, visitors or businesses in North Carolina from discrimination. This executive order, which can easily be overturned in the future, adds non-discrimination protections only for LGBT state government employees, while still preventing them from using the correct facilities at their workplace.

By maintaining House Bills 2’s provisions that force transgender people to use the wrong restroom the state is still mandating discrimination against LGBT people. “With this executive order, LGBT individuals still lack legal protections from discrimination, and transgender people are still explicitly targeted by being forced to use the wrong restroom,” said ACLU of North Carolina. As legislation would still need to be presented by the Governor and voted on in the general assembly, North Carolina still does not have an immediate state solution for bringing forth non-discrimination claims by victims across the state.

Today’s executive order continues to put North Carolina schools in jeopardy of losing $4.5 billion dollars in federal funding, by violating Title IX and still does not protect students from discrimination while on campus.

Private businesses have always had the right to protect their employees at work, so this executive order does not help companies that don’t want to operate in a state where their employees still experience discrimination in schools and government buildings, nor does this help the vast majority of employees across the state or visitors coming to North Carolina.

To keep North Carolina growing, we must create solutions that will encourage new business and tourism, while supporting existing businesses that want to build in a diverse and inclusive state.