Linda Clarkson

Title: Licensed Professional Counselor
4525 Hedgemore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone: 704-231-4344
Deciding to ask for help isn't an easy choice. A common option is turning to family or friends. This is a good idea if those you trust with your problems are able to offer meaningful help and useful solutions. Or, maybe you decide to go it alone and just do the best you can to manage on your own. Counseling, on the other hand, assists perfectly normal people who are facing issues and problems, past or present, that are negatively affecting their thoughts and, consequently, their lives. Hi, I'm Linda Clarkson an informed and affirming Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) centrally located near Charlotte's Park Road Shopping Center. There are two important questions you need answered right now. How can I help you and will you feel comfortable working with me? Please check out my website for the answer to these questions. While there you'll find one of several quick stress reduction techniques I teach my clients. Or you can call me at 704-231-4344 to schedule your initial in-person free consultation. But enough about me. I want to hear your story because, I believe, deep down inside of you lives a courageous soul. One that is worth living your best life. Let me support you in your courage.