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2020 Virtual Pivot Series

Mental wellness check in for small business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and non-profit leaders navigating these uncertain times with their business and career. We also be discussing current events and how these changes have effected our daily lives and business. WATCH RECORDING

In honor of Women's History Month, we are presenting a power packed evening with Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and Janet LeBar, President of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance as they navigate a discussion of empowerment, success and struggle to be at the table! WATCH RECORDING

Hosted by Charlotte LGBT Chamber & the Charlotte Small Business Coalition

Special guests:
Julie Eiselt, Mayor Pro Tem
James Mitchell, Council member
Tracy Dodson, Assistant City Manager

Learn about the Access to Capital Grant program and other components of the Small Business relief package passed by Charlotte City Council. WATCH RECORDING

Now that you are in your workplace 24/7, we have asked D3 Fitness to step in and allow you to walk down the hall to the gym and join them online for a virtually guided workout! WATCH RECORDING

Join Erin Barbee and Justin Nelson for an engaging discussion on the impact LGBT Business Enterprises have on the U.S. economy and how we all can play a supporting role in creating more equity within the LGBT community! WATCH RECORDING

Are you pivoting? Are you on pause? Now is the time to take a breath and look at your brand or re-brand your business, non-profit or start-up. This interactive session will allow for question and answer, show and tell and much more! WATCH RECORDING

Join Dr. Westheimer as he explores ten strategies to sleep mastery. WATCH RECORDING

Corporate BRG/ERG leaders discuss LGBTQ rights in the workplace while tackling race and a pandemic.

Exercise & Dietary Tips for the Professional! The event will be live-streamed and also available via Zoom. Topics will be exercises that are great for while you are at the desk or on a short break from work, what we should be doing when we do not have a lot of time to exercise and some dietary information.

Special thanks to our event sponsor, Novant Health.


Session 1 of 4: Non-Profit Bootcamp | Board Essentials

Board members will participate in board meetings and other engagements with more confidence and more knowledge about your role after attending Boot Camp. You will learn typical board responsibilities and explore the nuances of board authority and relationships. WATCH RECORDING

Session 2 of 4: Non-Profit Bootcamp | Financial Responsibility

This training is designed to make you more comfortable with nonprofit finance. We’ll walk through nonprofit financial reports including the statement of activities (income statement) and statement of financial position (balance sheet). You will gain an understanding of nonprofit finance terminology, accounting rules, roles and responsibilities, and procedures and policies. This workshop is right for you if you are new to the nonprofit sector, nonprofit finance, or your position as staff or board member.

Session 3 of 4: Non-Profit Bootcamp | Budgeting & Fundraising

Budgets are the foundation of nonprofit finance and are vital to your organization’s strategic planning and management. Budgeting can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn to use budgeting as another tool for you to tell the story of your organization’s plans, priorities, and aspirations. A "best practices" budgeting process will also highlight ways to engage your board as well as staff across the organization.

Session 4 of 4: Non-Profit Bootcamp | Board Duty & Management

A nonprofit’s board and the staff need to be collaborative partners to achieve the mission of the organization. However, there are times when roles and responsibilities become blurred. Join us as we clarify where governance stops and management begins.

How To Be Your Businesses's Best Pitch Person

Virtual Event: Master Your Day to Master Your Business & Life:  Hosted by Laurie Schible Coaching, Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Ciara Lilly


Virtual Event: From Fear to Freedom  Hosted by Laurie Schible Coaching, Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Ciara Lilly


Virtual Event: How to Show Up When You Really Want to Throw Up  Hosted by Laurie Schible Coaching, Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Ciara Lilly


Why Certify My Business Now?
Hosted by Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Ciara Lilly


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