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Dear members, partners, and community,

We are honored to commemorate Pride month and celebrate thirty-one years of being the voice of the LGBT+ and ally business and professional community throughout the Carolinas. During this time of celebration and reflection we are also called to renew the commitment to our collective mission of equity and inclusion for all.

As we celebrate Pride, we must recognize the profound significance of the Stonewall Riots that took place in 1969. The brave individuals, led by trans and LGBT people of color, who stood up against discrimination and oppression at the Stonewall Inn ignited a movement that continues to shape our fight for equity and justice today. Their courage and resilience remind us of the ongoing need to push for progress and inclusivity.

Partners and businesses across the Carolinas are witnessing the regression of rights for LGBT+ and minority Carolinians. While it’s encouraging to witness the growing support for LGBT+ people through logo changes and rainbow merchandise, we must emphasize that change goes beyond symbolism. True change requires a commitment from businesses and corporations to implement meaningful policies that not only promote equity but create safe and inclusive workplaces for all employees.

We firmly believe that advocating for equity is not just a moral imperative, it’s a sound business decision that’s good for all companies, large and small. When diversity and inclusion thrive, innovation flourishes and companies benefit from the unique perspectives and talents of a diverse workforce.

The Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce takes pride in our mission to empower, support, and connect businesses and professionals within our vibrant community. Together we can continue to drive progress, raise awareness, and advocate for equity in the workplace and the marketplace. We urge all businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations to join us in this crucial endeavor, not just during Pride month, but throughout the year.

Let us celebrate our achievements, honor our history, and look forward to a future where every individual can thrive regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. We are proud to be the voice for LGBT+ businesses and professionals in the Carolinas and together we will shape a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape for all!

With Pride,

Chad Turner CEO & President

Mel Morris Board Chair

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