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Career & Professional Development

Career & Professional Development is the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to one's profession, job responsibilities, or work environment. CLGBTCC provides monthly opportunities with the purpose of educating and developing the skills of local professionals and business leaders.

Job Boards

Education & Training Opportunities

We believe well-trained and motivated business leaders and workforce are vital to the growth of our community and business sector. To give employers and employees the edge in today’s highly competitive work environment, we partner with business training professionals to provide relevant and timely workshops, seminars, and high-quality training programs.

All workshops require a registration – regardless of fee.  In most cases, members of CLGBTCC receive access at no charge. It is important that CLGBTCC has the correct contact information for all workshop participants. Our primary mode of communication is email, so please check your inbox for workshop-related updates, including confirmations, cancellations, schedule changes, etc.

Have a training or education programming idea?  Let is know!

EMC (ERG/BRG & Affinity Group) Programming

EMC was created to support employee groups (ERG/BRG/Affinity) drawn together by common interests, shared characteristic or life experiences that are focused on encouraging an exchange of ideas , promoting a greater sense of belonging and enhancing career and personal development of employees in the workplace within their respective companies.

Through EMC, we hope to:

• Engage groups through intersectionality at all levels in advancing the goals and mission of CLGBTCC

• Enhance CLGBTCC’s commitment to the personal and professional development of corporate employees that engage with our community

• Encourage collaboration and appreciation for our intersectionality through discussion and programming

• Foster an inclusive and equitable community that values the richness of all individuals and perspectives

• Support the each corporate partner’s desire to enhance their workforce’s experience

EMC will engage different generations, backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives across all disciplines. No one group of can propel CLGBTCC to fulfill its mission, achieve its vision or live its values. These groups and their respective employers can be the catalyst to engage our entire community.

What are the goals of each ERG?

EMC will be focused on the following goals:

• Consultation:  Assisting corporations that have not created a group within their company by providing tools and guidance for a successful program

• Talent Development and Retention:  Building a more diverse talent base by providing a job board for corporate and non-profit partners and offering match making opportunities

• Engagement:  Foster a sense of belonging and involvement in advancing CLGBTCC’s mission and cultivate an increased awareness and sensitivity to differences through programming and education

• Outreach:  Identify and participate in positive, impactful ways that will make a difference in the business sector and comm

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