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Our Partners

Our strategic alliances with organizations throughout the Carolinas assist in furthering the mission. We proudly partner with:

Partnership is Key!

Strategic partnerships and affiliations are at the heart of our mission. We believe in forging strong ties with local, regional, and federal organizations, as well as engaging in joint ventures to create opportunities for local businesses and to expand our chambers services.

Partnership includes advocacy which is a key aspect of our ongoing work. We tirelessly advocate for federal, state, and local policies that hold significance for business owners. Our dedication lies in empowering and sustaining the Carolinas through entrepreneurship and vibrant economic activity while collaborating with our strategic partners.

By connecting a diverse network of business owners, corporate partners, non-profit organizations, and faith-based groups, we aim to enhance economic and social opportunities for North & South Carolina. We strive to broaden  access to essential products and services, foster growth and build prosperity.

We remain committed to promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship, and the consequent creation of jobs and wealth within our community. Together we strive to  build a thriving environment that celebrates inclusivity, economic empowerment, and sustainable growth.

Corporate Partners

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